Hi Gurus, I'm trying to hook up a ds18b20 temperature sensor (in fact a breakout board like this) to a old RPi (ver 1) model B, running DietPi. I am following this guide from Adafruit. The '/sys/bus/w1/devices' directory always seems to be empty.

Here is the date sheet of ds18b20 :


I tried with two different breakout modules, doubting it was a hardware issue, but same results. I even tried 5v as Vcc for the module (found online that it helps sometimes, and the module is capable of upto 5.5v anyways)

In fact I notice that whatever changes I make to /boot/config.txt (to add dtoverlay=w1-gpio) seems to be erased on reboot. Is it the nature of DietPi, and how do I make the config stick?

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