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I am running the DX6i with the APM 2.6 on a quadcopter I have just finished. How can I set up the F-MODE switch (0-1) to control more than just 2 flight modes? I have read up the excellent information about the DX7 and DX8 but the DX6 is considerably different. I am okay with using more than 1 channel to do this if necessary. Even if i can only get 3 flight modes that would be better than 2! Thanks in advance!! - Erik 

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  • I am not sure this will be exactly what you need but many times I need what would be close to a 3 pos switch on the dx6i. Most of the time I have flight mode on the 5th channel (gear). This is 2 modes with gear switch. Then I turn on mix1 (ACT) and set mix gear>gear, rate D -80% U 0%. Put it on sw ELE D/R or FLAP. This makes for 3 modes using the 2 switches. Pretty simple and not efficient but gives 3 positions at the fingertip. You can use mix2 as well and more combos but that should give you a feel. There is a really good 6 mode mix tutorial for several radios around here somewhere just can't put my finger on it at the moment. You can also set the U value to get a 4th mode if you need it of course.

  • If you mix channel 5 and 6 you will have 4 modes. Then if you switch off your transmitter you can set up a fifth mode to activate.
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