ArduIMU+ V2 currently shows acceleration from the accelerometers taking into account static acceleration of gravity. Is it actually possible to remove this stativ acceleration such that the aircraft only shows the dynamic acceleration? Anyone knows how I can do this?


Any help much appreciated!! :)

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The math would go about subtracting the IMU's orientation matrix multiplied by a constant gravity vector (0, 0, -9.80665) from the accelerometer vector. In other words take a 1g "pointing down" vector, rotate it into the IMU's local space and subtract it from the vector reported by the IMU.

Thanks Martin, I thought so too, just wondering if there's a way to do it by programming the accelerometers.


Another problem I encountered was that when I just started up the IMU, the accelerometer readings were fine with acc_x=0, acc_y=0 and acc_z=101, which is the normalized value for positive gravity pointing downwards. However, midway into flight, the accelerometer readings seemed like they suddenly inverted. Acceleration in x were predominately negative, showing deceleration for most part of the flight. Acceleration in z was also -101 when it was steady.


I am unsure what exactly happened or how I can correct for these strange new values. Wondering if anyone knows what could have gone wrong?

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