DYS Marcia + IRIS+ pitch moving too slow.

Hi everyone,

I wasn't happy about my 2 axis Tarrot gimbal, so i decided to buy a new one. I bought DYS Marcia 3-axis gimbal. I printed new gimbal adapter, and connected everything. Pitch control works, but it's too slow. When i move it down it works great, but when i move it up it works really slow. I tried to find solution, but nothing works. Do you have any idea what can help?

Here is short video:


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  • I found the solution. I changed RC Control mode from "Speed Mode" to "Angle Mode". After that pitch moves were too sharp so i increase LPF value a bit. Now it works great :)

    • I am considering buying DYS Marcia for my IRIS+. Can you share any footage shot with IRIS+ and DYS Marcia gimbal?  Is it satisfactory?

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