Hello all,

getting into this finally. I was wanting to order a electronics platform for my easy star, but it was sold out. Can I also order the one for bixler? If not I will adapt the plan on thingiverse: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:11661  (now "just" a FPV platform).

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Is the platform for the bixler the one here:  https://store.diydrones.com/Bixler_SkySurfer_Chassis_No_Pan_Tilt_p/...?  If so, then it will fit, as long as you don't attach the bottom deck.  The NiCd battery pack and electronics of the EasyStar gets in the way.

Also, I would fly with the Bixler.  In my opinion, having the ailerons makes flying so much easier.  I have flown with both the EasyStar and the Bixler, and have found that I was able to control the plane much better when there were ailerons.

Hi Brandon,

thanks! That is indeed the one I meant. I realise that the bixler is a superior starter plane, but I was unable to find a seller in Europe, and getting it from hobbyking in the US meant another $40 shipment cost. So I went with the budget Easystar as a learning plane. Might add those ailerons, apparently you can cut those out in the plane.

No problem.

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