I'm making some thoughts about upgrading the easystar.

1. More space for you know what.
2. Easy to get your big fingers inside the fuselage.
3. Able to separating the carbon fuselage from the other part of the model, so it will be easy to get inside. (front/belly can be removed).
4. Able to place heavy paylod under the wings. (battery) Also the IMU.

I know it's a little crasy, but I think it will make the model more useful for UAV / FPV flying.

I have made a quick mold.

Any thoughts?

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The concept is good, but the nose design looks scary.

Also I believe the nose is unnecessarily long. The cameras are so heavy they dont need to be placed far front, long nose worsens dynamic stability on pitch, and there is plenty of space under the wing anyway.

BTW this is EasyStar not EasyGlider.
the similarity is striking :-)
Hi Hooks

if you remove the belly pan (or make it removable) you will cause a very week area where it attaches to the fuselage boom.
You will have to repair the break at every hard landing.
It is not a good idea to make some parts of the fuselage particularly strong and stiff and leave the remainder soft and flexible.
I can understand that you want the plane more versatile. I think it's the wrong plane though. The Easy Star is nearly perfect. Any change of it in a certain direction will produce disadvantages in other areas.

The only way is a new plane!! Just be patient :-)

have fun

I know this is Easystar. (EASY T REX "small brain big mouth"). front 4 cm shorter than original.
About Easyglider its still under con.. much more work.

There will be an inner carbonfiber box glued to the foam then the fuselage in carbonfiber will be able to bed fixed with small bolts.

Moving the C.G. forward increases the pitch stability
The only way is a new plane!! Just be patient :-)
What do you know?
long mass distribution decreases pitch stability.
Could you please sketch a cross section so that one can get an idea about the internal arrangement of the box in relation to the external skin?

all the best

Any updates on the build? i would love to order a couple of them...
Hi Colby
I have been building a better design for the easystar, more like the orginal just a little shorter.

I also made some test for the Glider as well:

I thought it was possible to make the fuselage and maybe sell it... But I found out that it's too much work, so price will just be too high. I hope it will give people some ideers and i'm ready to help out if there would be any questions.
Nice work! check out these CF reinfored wings with ailerons and this balsa pan/tilt pod... would make nice addition. Carbon fiber wing reinforcement prevents wing warp from high G maneuvers. Awesome work.


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