Right now a polygon point in the planner can not be moved once it has been added. Is it possible to make them editable, i.e. can be dragged like the waypoints?


Another suggestion, when right click a waypoint/polygon point, it will be nice if a "delete" command is shown in the context menu.

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Hazy, both seem like they are possible. i will have a look.

got the polygon wp moving done. now just the delete wp option

There is a little bug on deleting points. When right click a polygon point and delete it, suddenly all polygon points are deleted, but the lines are left. Please see the attached snapshot


Besides, could you please draw the label of polygon point in another color, e.g. red or yellow? 

In addition, could you draw labels and dash lines when using the "measure distance" function? 


Maybe I'm asking for too much :)

hazy, got the colours happening, also the delete polygon point.
and partial on the measure distance. will upload tonight

Michael, you are a legend!!!

Thank you for your great work!

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