Editing Arducopter Basics (Really need help)

Hello guys,

I am starting a project which requires me to add a few sensors and fly a quadrotor UAV. Before this I just used the mission planner and haven't edit any alphabet of the codes.

My project is indoor localization. The quadrotor will first use four IR sensors which will detect four walls of a room. From the distances of these four walls, a plane coordinate is virtualized with the current position of the Quadrotor as the point of origin (0,0). Then the quadrotor will be instructed to go to (2,3). It will first hover to a certain altitude using an ultrasonic sensor then will go to the desired point by continuously checking the distance to the wall.

Where do I edit the codes to read the additional sensors and add my algorithm. And after that, how to I use the codes with the mission planner? Is this possible?

Thanks in advance!

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