Effective groundspeed when copter is climbing along with movement in x-y

Hi everyone,

During some experiments, I observed that the effective groundspeed maintained by the copter is not equal to the WPNAV_SPEED when it is climbing along with movement in x-y like going from waypoint n to n+1. The difference is even more visible when the WPNAV_SPEED are high like 9-14m/s instead of the default 5m/s.

For some experimentation purposes, I am wandering if it is possible to calculate this effective groundspeed value (before the flight and not using telemetry data), may be by using the gradient  info to next WP, WPNAV_SPEED value, etc info from the params and mission related data. 

PS: Experiment is related to pre-predict the expected flight time very very accurately specifically for a given copter model with given configuration.


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