Hi everybody. After using during a couple of years  different  low cost sensors platforms (e.g Razor, Mongoose, FreeIMU) we have also decided to start on open hardware  project called ejtIMU. What we are looking for is to fuse most of the best capabilities from the previous platforms into a single one. Check @ http://ejtech.blogspot.com.

Any suggestion and remark, especially about sensors and architecture we intend to integrate is more than welcome

Thanks in advance   

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Hi again,

when selecting sensors for our ejtIMU we have been comparing compass performances among the MPU 9150 and the HMC 8653 integrated in Mongoose 9dof and freeImu.

The complete analysis is available at our blog http://ejtech.blogspot.com with an interesting vídeo that is also available on youtube http://youtu.be/kvlOlCEfNtU

Hi everybody. We are progressing in our EJTIMU project.

The board has been designed and we are waiting for the manifacturing. We have already received the first components.

More information here: http://ejtech.blogspot.com


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