Hello everyone,

I have a problem with my Ardupilot 2.6 Quadcopter, basically ever since I built it. Sometimes, the EKF Failsafe triggers. This happened once every few flights, but after I attached a camera and a gimbal, this happens basically every flight.

I know there is a site regarding this failsafe in the wiki, but it didn't really help me.

What I have is a few log files where the error occured (see one in the attachment). Now I do not really know how to approach the issue, what to look for. What I already figured out is that the ErrYaw suddenly increases to 0.6, so the DCM_CHECK_THRES and therefore the failsafe is triggered. But I am pretty sure it is not due to vibrations as if I plot the acc values, they all look quiet steady.

Maybe this is due to some other bad configuration? (See also parameter.param attached).

If I understood right, the ErrYaw increases if the heading of the compass differs a lot from the heading implied by the GPS. I did a motor/compass calibration. Are the COMPASS_MOT_ and COMPASS_OFS_ values maybe that much off that the compass heading value is "destroyed"? What are normal values there?

Can someone help me out here?



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