So At first I was pledged with ESC calibration issues,which was resolved I think....

But now, when I plub in the lipo, and start the calibration sequence (hold down/right 4sec.s) The LED calibration lights alternate then die... and dosent come back on, and dosent respond to rc inputs?

Ive tried unplugging and retrying multiple times, and hitting the reset buttons on the IMU...

Very rarely can I get the LEDs/calibration to work and let me throttle up, and when I did the inputs were still backwards... down left = hard up/right flips on the ground....broke my first prop =[


Anyone know whats wrong? Im using APM1 is that an issue, Also noticed I dont get the RX/TX lights on the APM when in Ardu-copter? 

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  • Even after an CLI/Setup/Erase and total reprogramand configuration, the LED's go through calabration and die =[

    What the heck wrong, God must not want me to fly! =[

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