I am currently using the NTM Prop Drive Series 28-26A 1200kv for my F550 hexacopter (with MultiWii flight controller), and also on my 3D Printed quadcopter (with Naze32 flight controller)

The problem with this motor is that it has too much vibration. On my F550 it seems to work OK, when I sandwich the flight controller between moon gel slices, but I did the same on the 3D printed quadcopter, and the moon gel cannot keep up with the vibrations, and the quad twitches, and shakes... it flies... but not smooth. I can actually see the arms of the quad vibrate at high frequency while it's flying.

I tried to balance the motors, and it removed a little bit of the vibrations, but not enough. (Props are balanced)


I tried to find an equivalent motor, but most I find are for 3S battery, and I am using 4S battery...

Does anyone know a good quality replacement for this motor? Similar size, power, 1200kv, 4S ?

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It looks like the SunnySky is a good brand, I found these motors:




Both of them seem to be 4S motors, but the kv does not match... so I am having a hard time deciding what to get... the 980kv or 1400kv, I use 8x4.5 carbon fibre props, so I think the 1400kv is OK??


SunnySky also has 1250kv motor, but it seems to be only 3S... all my batteries are 4S so that's not good for me :(

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