Erasing Log files

Hi there simple question but I have loads of log files built up i have to scroll through to get to the latest ones so wondered if and how I delete them. I am using 3Dr telemitry so presume they are on my computer not my APM2. Is it just a simple case of selecting them and deleting them or is it more complicated than this. 

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  • I run 900-MHz telemetry as well, but from my experience you have to delete both:

    From a PC it is really simple, it should be nothing really more than deleting contents of: "C:\Program Files\APM Planner\logs"   There shouldn't be any negative ramifications.

    From Mission Planner it is a little more involved.  The Mission Planner has a "personality", but here are the steps that I use:

    1. Go to "Flight Planner" and connect to your APM via telemetry or USB.   Wait till it is done.
    2. Go to "Terminal" and wait till you see the prompt "Hit Return 3 times"
    3. Hit "Return" three times
    4. (You can hit "?" at this point to see syntax or other helpful commands)
    5. Type "Logs"
    6. Type "Erase" and "Return" to confirm
    7. Wait till the APM is reports done before disconnecting.

    Hope that helps!  Happy flying.....

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