Error codes?

So I was flying in loiter, when suddenly my front left motor arm just rapidly dipped, and recovered about half a second later. I quickly put it into stabilize and brought it back safely.

However now just looking at the logs, I don't really see anything that suspicious .. except 2 GPS error codes. I've tried searching online but I don't see any error code listings, so is anyone aware what these 2 error codes mean?

EDIT: Upon further investigations, I have a feeling this was related to the GPS not having a good fix before I switched it into loiter:

As you can see, the rapid dip in roll was right after the GPS HDOP dropped dramatically.

So my next question is, is there a way I can have the copter fail a pre-arm check unless it has a solid GPS fix, no matter what flight mode it is in? Seeing as you could just instantly take off in Stabilize, then switch to loiter before it gets a good fix, it makes the GPS pre-arm test a little redundant?

Arducopter version is 3.1.1.



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