ESC Calibration

Hello all. I have just joined DIY Drones and I need some help. In Mission Planner, ESC calibration, it says to "Push this button then unplug the USB then plug back in" can anyone tell me what/where this "button"  that they are talking about, is? I have clicked "Start" unplugged the USB then plugged back in but Mission Planner stops working.


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  • Have you solved the issue?

    If you would like to calibrate ESCs, the best and most foolproof way is to do it manually.

    Step -1: Remove your props

    Step 1: Power on your transmitter, and then set throttle to max.

    Step 2: Power on your Pixhawk and escs by battery, and wait until the status light flashes with multiple colors

    Step 3: Pull power from your Pixhawk

    Step 4: Power on your Pixhawk and wait until status light flashes with multiple colors

    Step 5: Hold the safety switch button for 5 seconds

    Step 6: Lower throttle to minimum

    Step 7: Wait for ESCs to tone that they have accepted the values

    Step 8: Move your throttle between min and max to see your motors spin. 

    • Thanks Phil, I still have not received the replacement for duff ESC, I know it can take a long time for stuff to come from China but its taking forever. When it does come I will do as you suggest.


  • Have you followed the procedure outlined here?

    Not sure about mission planner calibration, but you will need to supply power to the esc and pixhawk (not via usb) to calibrate them. Props off of course!

    Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) Calibration — Copter documentation
    • Hello Charlie, no I have not tried yet. One of the ESC's burned out, I'm waiting for a replacement.


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