ESC Calibration issue

Hi.  The wiki states that Automatic ESC calibration works with some ESC's but not others.  I experienced something a bit different... and am wondering why.


In my case I was using a Futaba T8FG and successfully did an Automatic ESC calibration on my hexcopter.  Flew great for a few months, but after experience possible radio issues (per log my Roll IN is jumping from 0 to 4995 and back to 0 causing crashes.  So, I decided to switch over to my Spektrum Radio.  This radio started the ESC calibration, all props wiggled, moved, and appeared to beep, but when it was done only one prop would arm and spin up.  If I switch back to my Futaba radio, everything calibrates correctly.  I'm not clear on why this issue occurs, but it does seem that this auto calibration isn't completely an issue of ESC types, but also of radio types --- although it doesn't make sense to me as to why.


The ESCs I am using are Turnigy DLUX 55A -- yes, I understand these are overkill, but they are working well and I haven't had to replace them.


Any thoughts as to why the radio change would affect the ESC calibration?


Thank you.


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  • Only thing I can think of is travels, especially throttle travel and whether minimum throttle is low enough to reliably enable the esc's

  • Did you re-calibrate the new radio in the Mission Planner?

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