I have a skywalker 20A ESC connected to LD power 750KV motor. The ESC's BEC servo wire connects to Flysky receiver (Channel 1). My transmitter is Flysky FS-TH9X. A standard 3 cell Lipo battery. When I try to configure the ESC, I hear a music, then a beep with two secs interval. 

The ESC manual says that I should check my transmitter and receiver. It also suggests that I should check cable of throttle channel.

I tried connecting ESC in all eight channels, but of no use. Has anyone had this problem before ? Could someone please shed some light on this? I would greatly appreciate any views, support and solution.

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Is this with a PixHawk?  Cause it won't send the signal to the ESC's until you push the magic button and pre-arm it.

Hmmm no mdisher. I directly connected the servo to the receiver for prechecking. I will be using APM 2.6 after this prechecking. 

Make sure there is no propeller attached whilst you experiment.

Put the ESC into the throttle channel, move the throttle stick on your TX to fully on and see if that brings up the esc programming mode.

Then look for the ESC manual online to discover what all the beeps mean.


Make sure your throttle is configured on your transmitter as 'channel 3' and is configured for your throttle stick. You should find the settings in the mixer on your tx. If throttle is assigned to the wrong stick you can't put the ESC into configuration mode by putting the throttle to high (well, you can but it will on the centered pitch and roll stick , that is ELE and AIL on the tx mixer screen).

Hai Jethro

I really appreciate your answer. anyone reading this post would solve many teeny tiny problems. But I found out the problem. 

The servo wire I connected to the RX was upside down. I changed the direction and now its working great. Thanks dude. 

To evryone reading this, please try connecting to the Channel 3 of the RX and set the throttle to left size stick. Cheers.

Very true Gary Moritmer. But I found the solution. The servo wire I connected to the RX was upside down. I changed the direction and now its working great. Thanks.


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