Hi there!

Legitimate 3DR Pixhawk owner.

I started my first Pixhawk build 3 days ago with SimonK Afros. No go. Sync issues, even after FW update.

Bought and overnighted some EMAX 60a ESCS. Apparently EMAX also has compatibility issues with Pixhawk.

No go, for whatever reason, and the dev ticket to fix this issue is apparently closed with no solution.

What's a not garbage 40-60a ESC that isn't terrible that I can go spend even more hundreds of dollars on that is guaranteed to work with the Pixhawk?


No SimonK, because that firmware isn't compatible.

No EMAX because that hardware isn't compatible.

I hope this could end up being an actual, no BS compatible ESC reference for others that have less time or cash they want to waste

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    • Is it a true OPTO?

      • It is OPTO. What do you mean by "true opto"?

        Please find link below:

        KDE 55A+

        • And FWIW, the HW Xrotor ESC's are not true opto, but they still work well.

        • Check for continuity between the ESC negative battery lead, and the negative signal wire. If there is continuity, it's not true opto.

          Cheap Chinese ESC manufacturers have taken to using the term "opto" to signify they do not have a BEC circuit.  But true opto means that there is an optical decoupler between the ESC signal and power sections.

        • true OPTO meaning it uses a real optocoupler between the MCU and the signal wire, eliminating interference

  • Verified WORKING! Very well. T-Motor Air 40a ESC. If futurepeople are willing to risk it, they look identical to the Hobbywing XRotor, at 4x the price. So try 'em out! Flight times are normal. got a 15 minute hover out of half a 5,000mah battery. Adding 2 16,000MAh batteries and the rest will be history.

  • MR60

    Hi Phil,

    It is understandable to be frustrated when things are not working as they should.

    About ESCs I personnally used with absolutely no trouble on Pixhawk: Simonk v20-09-2013 on 400KV motors with 15" props. (Flashed on Blueseries 40 A). This is the version of SimonM that works well with low KV.

    If you are not willing or not able to flash, but still want a SimonK firmware style, get then the Hobbywing Xrotor (exist in 40A, 80A,etc). These are probably my next ESCs purchase. Totally reliable and compatible with low KVs.

    • That's outstanding advice. I had my eye on the Hobbywing Xrotor units, but was skeptical. Unfortunately after a little investigation they may be the same as the Tiger Motor Air 40a ESCs I bought and arrive tomorrow for 4x the price :p

  • Hi Phil,

    Sorry to hear about your troubles. I'm curious what the problem might be. What motors and battery are you using? Could you maybe post a video of the sync issue occurring, preferably with LEDs on the Afro visible?

    I'm not sure what the output logic voltage is on the Pixhawk. Perhaps you could try twisting the servo cable so that the ground and signal wires are twisted all the way between the Pixhawk and the ESC, reducing the amount of stray signals they might pick up from battery wires or other sources. Might be simple to try before anything more complicated.


    • I just cannot believe that 3DR have not sent you a full pixhawk! There have been so many issues on this topic. So if anyone from 3DR is reading this why not ask Simon if he could use a full pixhawk set so that he may optimize his firmware. 

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