ESC`s for MT3506-25


I`m having some trouble with my new build and would be greatfull for some help.

I recently bought the MT3506-25 for a new project and have to say that I`m very pleased with the motors so far.

On a very basic test build I got 11-12g/W@480g trust (3s, XOAR 14x5 BW, hovering, warm motors)

Trouble is, that the DJI 30A OPTO ESC aren`t working properly with the motors and, from time to time, having start-up problems -> by the way, DJI ESC worked well with 13x4 Props but I`m searching one that works with 14x5 or 15x4 too....

My favorite solution would be buying RCTigerMotor 18A / 30A OPTO ECS. But unfortunately the availability in Europe/Switzerland is very bad and I haven’t found a single RCTM ESC distributor.


My question is if there are some other ESC`s that WILL work with these peancake motors? Or maybe sombody has found a store that offers the RCTiger ESC`s?

Thanks in advance for your answers


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  • Hi Erman
    Thx for that. Somehow it never showed up on google :(

    I will grab a couple of te 18As there and we'll see...
  • I am in the UK and use RCTM distributor nothing but good experience and in my last request put a direct order for 4 new brushless gimbal motors to the factory. If there is something not on the site email sales and they will see you right.

  • Here are some vids.
    1. Powering up and rapid throttle changes, no problem! Then going back to almost standstill and restart -> doesn't power up / delay (3 times)

    2. Shortly after. Restart from standstill, delay of several seconds....!!! Throttle =100%

    Ps: This is just my test tx ;-)
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