Greetings all, i am having issues with getting my esc to produce the same output to all motors, i.e. 400 rpm between the highest and lowest. I have calibrated individually and auto, APM 3 r5 but still have issues.

my question is can the raw data be monitored for the esc's input/output for diagnostic reasons.

400 rpm on 12' blades is 3% of the total and a significant imbalance in efficiences on a 800 hex with 720kv motors.



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  • 12' blades oh my....those are bigger than your 800! You mean 12" props....anyway to answer your question if I can...there should be a way to adjust throttle to each motor individually. I have not used this flight control board but I know even on the cheap ones you can do this. Just bump up slowly till you get close or right on the money. I had the same issue with one arm dropping when under full throttle....this solved my issue....however I didn't know the RPM of my motors just that it needed to match the others and after miniscule adjustments at a time bam all good i can fly full throttle straight up! And as you suggest yourself a bad ESC could be your problem....good luck!

  • Is this happening in flight?  Probably not unless the props are badly mismatched.

    On the bench, I've sometimes seen big rpm differences through the throttle range, not always.

    Seems to have a lot to do with the copter's idea of its attitude at the time.

    I'm suggesting that recalibration of the IMU, and maybe using Mission Planner's Action 'Preflight Calibration' might make a difference.

    C. J. Klingman

    Sherman, TX

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