Just joined this forum and midway through my very first build.  I am putting together my quad with Naza M V2 flight controller, 4 Turnigy Multistar 2213-980 kv14 pole Multi-Rotor Outrunners and  4 DYS BHeli30 amp ESC's.Trying to bench test the system but a few problems have arisen.  One, unable to connect to BHeli Suite to upgrade firmware on the ESC's. Cannot get "pass through" to connect through Naza M... Secondly, I have done throttle calibration using the four separate leads from the ESC's directly to the throttle port on the Frsky 8 channel RX withTaranis TX......(probably will make a squid connection next), and although I can arm the ESC's one by one successfully, whenever I re-connect the battery, seems as if the memory of the ESC's is gone.....no long musical beep and no throttle response from any ESC.  I do get the long musical beep with individual calibration for all esc's with motor response, but lose it all with re-arming the system with reconnecting the batteries ( 2 4S lipos connected parallel).  Why do my ESC's lose the throttle calibration?

Any suggestions much appreciated!


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