ESCs just keep beeping at me.


I've recently assembled my 3d robotics hexacopter kit, and I'm trying now to calibrate the ESCs, which are 3d robotics brand.  When I plug in my Lipo, they make the musical note and beep, and the propellers jerk slightly.  And then the beeping continues indefinitely.  Any advice about what I should do?

I tried setting the throttle at 50%, or powering on the APM with the USB, but neither of those things worked.


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    Read the docs on your ESC. The beep error means different things depending on how fast, how many beeps, etc.

    Most likely that is an error code indicating "bad/invalid pwm input" meaning the signal (or lack of signal) on that ESC is not in a valid range. Usually this is a bad connection from the APM to the ESC. Check the wires. Bypass the connection direct to the receiver as a test.
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