I know this has been covered, but things seem to be picking up quickly on the subject.

Here is last night's Nightline report on drones and all of the negatives of putting them in the hands regular people hands.  


Need for a pilots license???  Didn't they just say it takes two days to learn how to fly one?

IMHO this is going to heat up in the coming year.


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Media sensationalism at its best...there is a bit where the commentators line is something like... the new American air assault"    NPR did a bit last year in LA and could not find one Paparazzi that knew what a drone was...

No doubt a slow news day.  But the funny thing is, you could have asked me a year ago and I would not have known what a hexacopter was.  Now I have built two in the past two months. 

It is a matter of time until the stars cannot hide behind their walls and the leafy gardens of Beverly Hills will be buzzing with drones....then  the LAPD will be called in and people will be slapped upside the head...all for another pic of a Kardashian in the buff..

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