Evolving the perfect, foldable, FPV quad copter

Hey community!

I've been flying my Hoverthings HT-FPV successfully for the last 6 months and having a ball.

I've however been saving up my pennies and purchased a 3D printer, and a CNC router unit to join my trusty old Laser engraver. I've bought these with making MR frames in and accessories in mind.

I love throwing my TX, batteries etc in my back pack, and strapping the HT-FPV on the back, but have found more often than not I'm getting loads of undue attention from rubber-necking passers-by, and also catching the widespread props/arms on tress, bushes, doorways etc.

Taking some ideas of the Hoverthings range (6mm G10 for arms, as used in Tom's Flip), some of the FPVManuals (QAV layout, with clean plate), even some parts from jDrones (Vibe dampeners) and Droidworx, I'm slowly getting my own flying wet dream into shape!

Currently working on it to use either Coptercontrol CC3D/Revo, or the APM range, I can't wait to get it airborne. It's a square motor layout, 350mm size.

I'm also working on the add-on module for the front, to either mount a fixed GoPro1 or 2, another for the GoPro3. These will mount on the clean plate and extend out front to clear 8" props, with provision for shifting if 10" props are in use. Standard FPV camera fits snugly underneath.

This add-on approach means the configuration can be cheaply, quickly changed out, and most of all, leaves room for the range of Brushless Gimbals about the flood the market, which I'm very excited about!

Entire profile should not exceed the height of the motors, as I've found with Tom's excellent HT-FPV, it has very little issue penetrating into strong winds.

Non-flying, mock up/Prototype is 2mm laser-cut acrylic, with cnc-routed 6mm Signex arms/pockets. Gear onboard is mostly based on Juz's ht-fpv rig, see www.juzfpv.com


Welcoming thoughts and suggestions, but building for me first and foremost. If others like it, I'm happy to sell on components/parts etc!3691013314?profile=original


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  • Wizeartz is now up and running, and work on Version 6 is stalled whilst I try to tune in Alt Hold on the Version 4 I sold to a customer. Bloody things oscillates, losing alt, and eventually lands. Any hints folks?

    • HI Owen, 

      I am interested to buy a foldable copter, how can we be in touch with you to proceed and to have more information about it. 

      • Hi Elios. I'm sorry to report that due to lack of interest from the community, I've elected to not pursue this any further. There are several vendors offering foldable designs now, and I wish you the best of luck.

        best regards,


  • Developer

    Hey, This is really cool, I'm interested in making something like this. Can we please discuss over PM ?

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  • Hey guys, I'm new to quad and am about to put together my first one!

    I want something foldable and compact enough to bring on a hike and film some stable shots. This looks perfect. 

    Would a quad this size be able to lift a gopro and a gimbal system?

    Also, what's the relation between weight, size and stability when it comes to filming from a flying platform?

    Any tips ? :)

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    Very nice - my similar idea, different implementation: http://www.diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/epp-foam-folding-h-frame-quad

    These folding H's are the way to go!

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