I would like to enclose the H-IR sensor into a 4" round housing - any issue (e.g., timing, calibration, shielding) with unsoldering the sensor elements and extending them out and remounting to a 4" diameter a circuit board and bringing the leads back via either traces or flat ribbon cable to the original pads?

Is there any IR transparent material that can be placed in front of the face of the IR sensor to cover/protect it without compromising the sensor?

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I've been wondering the same thing, but placing them in an aerodynamic blister, minus the circuit board, with no covering over the elements. My guess is that polycarbonate is passive to IR. Could do a simple test using the test code for the sensors and seeing if the numbers change by placing the dome over the sensors vs not covered.

Currently I am in the process of making simple fairings for the xy sensors and the z sensor. have access to a vacuum former and thought that I could reduce drag, keep things from getting hung up on them and pretty things up overall.

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