External mag on APM 2.5?

Hi all-

Need help. I still don't have my quad up and flying and I'm trying not to get frustrated. During initial tuning encountered many problems. I realized that I had not done the compassmot correctly the first time and needed to do that. After performing the compassmot (vs current) I found I had an interference of 531% !!!

I tore down and rebuild my quad, placing the PDB in between the 2 glass fiber plates of the X525, and moved the ESCs to the underside as well. Performing the compassmot (vs current) again I improved to 220%, a big improvement but still waaay too much. All wires are short as can be and all are twisted.

My questions-

1. I have the APM 2.5 w/ 3DR power module. The listing on 3dr makes it sound like I can't use a GPS with external mag since it has on onboard mag. Is this true? Can I use an external mag?

2. Are there any external mag's out there that will work for me that don't include GPS? I already have a GPS, so if I can buy  a decent seperate mag for cheaper, I might.

3. Is the magnetometer used at all when flying in Stab mode or is it just for Auto modes?

Thanks for your help- I'm having a hell of a time trying to get this quad flying and tuned, especially on my budget and time constraints.


X525 frame

APM 2.5 w/ power module, mediatek GPS, running v3.0.1

Turnigy SK3 2826 motors

HK 20a ESCs

3100 3s battery

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