Just finished my first drone, and it flies really well, to my surprise. It's an F450 frame with stock motors and props and a naza v2. It also has skids. I've been trying to figure out what brushless 3 axis gimbal with camera to attach to my drone. Any suggestions? I appreciate any help you can provide.


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As light as possible.  I have a F450 that weighs in at 1650 Grams.  Using a big 3S 8000 Mah pack.  You don't want it to weigh much more.  I have no gimbal on it, but I just set the camera at a predetermined angle before I fly.  Still photo's only.  You need to just watch your weight.


David R. Boulanger

Thanks for your answer, David. I'm wondering more about how to connect my camera (say, without a gimbal) to power and what cameras are compatible with what transmitters. I mainly just want live good quality video streaming at 5.8ghz to a monitor on the ground.


On my F450 I use a Hero 2 with a plug in the video out port.  The video out then goes to a Boscam TS 832.  I have seen nice little set ups for Mobius cameras also.


David R. Boulanger

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