Some of the content may be dated, but it food for thought

" March 2011 -- The only fine ever issued: A proposed $10,000 fine against a drone operator for an aerial picture-taking flight at University of Virginia (Charlottesville), where FAA inspectors wrote that dangerous maneuvers were performed near bystanders."

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We can't even keep controllers in our towers but they have time to crack down on RC aircraft?...

I am a great fan of Team Blacksheep and their videos, utterly inspiring and sometimes a bit scary to watch .

I want to keep this as defence evidence if ever I get a complaint against ME, I dont do crazy stuff and my flights are in rural locations well away from people, If the best that the FAA can do is PROPOSE a fine for this sort of flying (which IS a bit over the top!!) then I will never get a ticket that they can prosecute.

The FAA simply need to make an exemption for small UAV's with sensible guidelines. 800 feet , 15pounds TOW, and move forward.

Hi, I'm based in culpeper,Va. I read some of your articles and I must admit, your hard to argue I know that story about that guy in C ville the flew in reckless mannor. I fly a flying wing, never in the clouds as I am there often and understand. Do you know if its legal for a commercial pilot to fly FPV for money if visual flight rule and altitude is maintained? My ideal is to open a shop for properly licensed pilots to get a annual for a fpv plane. This way my friends at the FAA get to stamp parts with faa/pma and airworthiness certificates. I get to charge a enormous fee and everyone is safe and able to continue to future advancements,such as mode S, and remote adsb both in and out. I dont mind rules if it keeps the yahoos at bay,makes me safe in the air and money on the ground.let me know if I'm legal to make $ as the cars are concerned with a commercial rating. Thanks

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