"Failed to enter command mode"

I just got my 3DR set and I can't get them to communicate with each other. The ground radio has always be solid green with the red flashing once a sec. The Air radio has been blinking green and red as if it was searching for the ground radio. I have followed the instructions over and over without any success.

I have used the FTDI cable also trying to do it directly through the computer with the same result. The MP only recognizes the air unit and loads all the initial information in it. From there I'm able to save the data from the air unit to the ground but it won't communicate still.

I'm thinking that the problem is with the ground unit because of the comm port. Every time that I choose the comm port for the ground it gives me one of two messages. "Failed to enter command mode" or "Failed to identify radio". This happens every time I try to do anything to it even to update the firmware.

This is my first purchase of this type of electronic, should I send it back?


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  • I received an answer back from 3DR customer service. The LED behavior that I described for the ground unit could mean that there is something wrong with the Hope RF module.Also if I was to open the terminal tab I could see the error message from the radio. I was told to send it back so they can give me a new one. Very good customer service and she even answer a extra question that I had. Can't wait to get the new one and the I will update. ... Thank you Chris and 3DR :-)

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    I assume you're choosing the right baud rate (57k) for the ground unit COM port, yes? If so, please contact tech support for further assistance. If you bought it from 3DR, that's help@3drobotics.com

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