Dear Diydroners,

Today I uploaded the latest source. I got from an old version to 2.5.3. I haven't used my drone for a while. I am experiencing problems with my ESC's, they are constantly beeping ( It used to work with this line:


But this fix the job anymore. Someone any suggestions?

Kind regards!

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I have turned off my reciever. I am going to recalibrate them. 

Ok! I have a new frame and radio, just to be sure that these two parts are okay.

I have been busy today with a my drone but it doesn't seem to work. When I compile using the default PWM settings my ESC's keep beeping as posted earlier. I tried with the Instant PWM but only two ESC's get initalized (hearing the beeps), and the other two just a few seconds later when I raise the trottle. Not realy a ideal situation.

Anyone any idea? I am using tunigy trust ESC's, anyone expirenced problems with these?

Very strange! Two of the ESC's are calibrating just fine, but the other two enter configuration mode..

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