Hello everyone,

I have completed a parts list for a drone I am planning on building. I feel like the drone can be made more efficient and at a lower cost while providing similar capabilities. I am new to drones so if you have any recommendation, please comment it. I feel like this drone is a bit overkill (and it only gets 10 minutes of hover time).


  • Multistar 2834 800KV motor
  • Carbon fibre propellers 14" with pitch of 4.7"
  • SucceX 60A Plus BLHeli32 ESC (still have some researching to do here, this is a temporary choice)
  • LiPo 5000mAh 4S battery 45C
  • Aluminum DIY frame
  • Raspberry Pi (used as flight controller)

With all the parts including camera, extra batteries etc., the weight is ~2500g. The thrust-weight is 3.6, which may be a bit high, but if my weight estimate is far off, rather safe than sorry. The drone is also a bit pricey (~$500). Any ideas on reducing cost and making the drone more efficient would be welcome :)

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