HI, I've VERY new to this and feel that I"m a little over my head but I am learning everyday.

My aim is to do mapping with the 3DRobotic X8-M and (in the future) Aero-M.

I have downloaded Mission Planner.  Some of the areas I will be mapping does not have adequate cell service so I need to prefetch maps of those areas.  I have attempted to Prefetch maps and after about six hours sorta gave up.

1.   How long does it take to load a prefectch map given a 1km x 1 km area?

2.   Also is there a way to reduce the zoom of the fetching?  When I realized it was going to zoom=24 I ended the down load.  Each zoom takes longer than the previous one.   or do I WANT to reduce the fetch zoom in a effort to save time?

3.  Or three, if I know that I am going to a certain area without cell coverage can I create the mission from home then get to the launch site then start the mission from there?

I should be getting my X8-M in a few weeks, which is good timing as we still have a respectable amount of snow on the ground.

I"m using a Macbook Pro with Windows.

Thank you in advance.

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