Firmware for APM hexa plus


In previous versions of Mission Planner the hexa plus configuration was available in the wizard. That option is no longer available so when I updated and re-calibrated my sensors it set my firmware to X configuration.

I have tried to change it to plus in the manual section but I don't see any way to upload the changes when I select the plus tab.

I have also tried APM planner but the situation is the same.

There is poor documentation on both base station sites on how to solve this problem.

I have looked at older posts that mention using the CLI but when I connect I just get a constant input of spam from the autopilot and no way to interact with it.

I have also seen mention of just changing the code through the arduino IDE, if I had access to the code I would just do that.

I am using an APM 2.5. Any help would be appreciated.


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