Well, this is my first APM. So, today I start my little learning curve on how to set it up.

I am having problem loading(running) Mission Planner. I open the folder Mission Planner 1.1.40.

Then I see the green icon with the title "ArdupilotMegaPlanner. I click that, and a little dos window opens and then I see a screen with same green icon open up, but closes in a second or 2.

I have downloaded the usb drivers and the board shows on my device manager.

I downloaded .net 4 and ran that. Restarted it to see if that makes a difference. Nope, still the same.

Any suggestions?

ps- I am running Windows7 on a MacBook Pro i7 with Parallels.

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Well, been trying for 2 days. No go so far.

Now, i have switched to a HP with Windows XP. I was able to get the Mission Planner running but it is failing to load the board driver. I see the .inf file that I downloaded. but when I try to install new driver and look into the folder, it does not see it.

Now why is this?

ok, Found out why it does not recognize the file. it shows as txt file when I donwloaded using Firefox.

I redownloaded from MSexplorer now, and its shows as setup file.

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