First copter build and issues


I just built my first copter with the following configuration 

Hexa copter

APM 2.6

GPS with on board compass

firmware version is 3.2.1

I have setup and calibrated everything but it keeps on flipping front to bottom

Here is a video

I have check my motor order, the props type for each motor and all shoul be fine 

I have checked the motor wirring and rotation and it is fine

I went into ardupilot and ran one motor after the other to check the motor order and rotation and it is fine

I have calibrated the compas and when I check in Ardupilot it is fine.

I have calibrated the ESC and all motor are starting at the same time.

Any idea what I did wrong?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide


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  • After few week ends struggling, I found what it was. This was due to 2 of the propeller not identical to the other ones (even if they did lok the same).

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