First Drone - Help with TX, Controller and Computer?

Hi everyone,

To start, please be patient with me. I know enough to know I don't know what I'm doing right now, so that is a start.

Bottom Line Up Front: I can't connect my drone to my computer and can't get the controller commands to register on the Naza Lite Assistant.


I have built a DJI F450. I suspect it was a clone/knock-off kit as a number of the parts weren't part of the kit and i had to buy them separately. I have always wondered if I have bought parts that are compatible...

I see 3 possible issues:

  1. Computer Drivers are not setup correctly and Windows 10 can't read the drone (Naza Lite)
  2. Transmitter and Controller are not set up correctly to "talk" with one another;
  3. Transmitter and Controller are not Compatible.

I have a:

Flight Controller: Naza M Lite

Tx: FrSky X4RSB. (I was planning to use the SBus connection from the Naza to the Tx to get the 16CH)

Controller (Reciever): FrSky Trananis QX7

Operating system: Win10

[Don't know if you need firmware versions or not, let me know how to get them and I will]

- Current Symptoms/Signs

  1. FrSky has green light - So seems to indicate that I have been able to bind the controller to the TX.
  2. When I plug in the drone into the computer I get a green light on the Naza LED.

I appreciate any help. even if it is just to tell me where this post should be in the forum. 

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