First Flight

So far I have flown aircraft with autopilot, but there are always other people present who are doing differnt tasks. So onus was not entirely upon me to ensure that everything goes correctly. Pilot is there to fly the aircraft, one more guy to ensure that all connections are ok and aircraft is perfectly balanced etc..etc.. Mine job - to ensure that correct algorithm is loaded on aircraft, gains are tune depeding on previous flight performance, path planning is done propely, flight mode is set properly and everything looks good on screen.

That was story so far. Today after contemplating and procrastinating for more than fortnight I decided to go out and have solo flight (what worst could happen - loss of airframe nothing else). Selected barren, unpoplulated land - drove that with my aircraft packed inside my car. Took me 15 mins to assemble aircraft on field. Then walk around to find perfect spot for take off and landing - another 15 mins to find 100 meter open ground among barren land. Did give square path. Uploaded waypoint. Checked control surfaces - Ok. Checked battery status on screen - Ok. Checked altitude for each waypoint - Ok. Take off and Landing direction - Check. Take off minimum speed - Check. Landing flare altitude - Check. All OK. Good to Go.

Strapped receiver on neck. Held receiver on left hand and aircraft on right hand. Had strond wind coming from south-west. Held aircraft horizontally and started running. After 20 steps motors kicked in and I just let it go. And my god it was beauty seeing, shear beauty seeing it fly, 1.2 meter wing climbing towards semi clouded sky. Dont have word to describe it. Just mind blowing experience. Never thought it would feel this way and I realize what I was missing so far. While it was going away I got nervous thinking it would not return, but that baby turned back towards programmed way point. Awesome...Awesome...Awesome.

During landing it was approaching tree, thought would change is to manual mode and land...that was mistake and crashed it from 1.5 meter above ground. Luckily no major damage. Can't wait to fly again. Can't forget how beautiful it is.

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  • I am about to have my first flight as well. I hope to have the same success... everything like you except the tree. ha That was ballszee to do auto takeoff on first try. 

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