First Flight

Yay!  Thanks to the amazing work of all the people contributing to this project I was able to fly my PixHawk EasyStar (with added ailerons).

Inspired by the perfect weather, gin clear blue and almost flat calm I launched in manual, trimmed out then tested FBWA and even tried Loiter - all worked perfectly.

I let it fly 5 circles in Loiter on the first mission - awesome.  Thank you.

Flushed with success I recharged and setup a very short route with a few waypoints and relaunched.

I switched to AUTO but the plane did not seem to goto a waypoint.  As I am very new to this I did not risk it very far but I am now trying to learn how to analyse logs.   <-- log from the flight 15MB

I think line 18564 is where I select AUTO mode

I am guessing I should be able to see the PixHawk make a demand to fly to a point but I am not sure how to read that.

Maybe I need to add some more logging?

Any hints?


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  • Have you followed the Tuning Guide in the wiki?
    You can try the newest firmware and try auto tuning. Then tune the L1, the stock setting of 25 is much too high.
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