This is my first attempt at a quad.  Build went very well.  APM 2.5 with GPS, sonar, and telemetry.  Uploaded V2.8.1 quad in “X” configuration.  Leveled machine.  Did magnetic declination.  GPS gets good lock.  Sonar works correctly.  Baro looks solid.  Calibrated Tx.  All props turning correcty.  ESC’s calibrated.  Channels wired correctly from Rx to APM.  ESC’s wired correctly to APM.


Quad wants to roll severely to the right on liftoff in stabilize mode.  So my question is… is there a logical troubleshooting guide that can walk me through initial flight behavior?

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I had the same problem at take-off and my quad would flip. Took me three weeks with help from the form to figure out the issue.
I enabled motor logging in the CLI and noticed motor output to 6 motors. I had selected octa by mistake. Changed to quad to solve the problem.
If that is not the problem, enabling motor logging may help in troubleshooting.

Definitely sounds like a basic setup problem.  My hex would flip on takeoff because updating to v2.8.1 reset my configuration from "+" to "X".  I also had one time that the hex was very sluggish and difficult to control.  One prop was installed upside down.  It flew, sort of, but made a horrible lawn mower sound as the upside down prop was cavitating.

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