I am an amatuer UAV pilot and I am an aviation insurance broker as a profession. My involvement in the UAS industry has contributed to my father's interest in drones. Since I fly DJI products, and he has not flown at all, neither of us have exp in building a quad. 

I bought my father 2 F450 quad frames, APM 2.8 FC and GPS, 8 motors, 8 ESCa, and 8 props for Christmas. His birthday is today and I bought him a Spektrum DXE and a receiver as a gift. I was going to get his a $150 transmitter but it did not make sense to me since the whole quad kit costs about $120. 

Will the DXE be able to fly this UAS? If not, what transmitter would you all suggest? Please keep in mind that my father is very new to this hobby. I would like him to be able to get a UAV in the air and worry about upgrading later. Will the DXE even allow him to fly this configuration? 

Also, if you have suggestions for any other parts for this quad build, please let me know. 

Thank you in advance.


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