I have a naza flight controller and wanderd if I,m better using the naza software or if i,m better with the mission planner software

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What controller do you have - Naza-M Lite or Naza-M V2?

Mission Planner can't work with any DJI controller.

But if you have Naza-M V2 you can try U[g]CS Open - www.ugcs.com.

hey guys,

I'm having a bit of an issue with my naza m lite upgraded to v2. It went well, worked fine until something happened. 

the drone was mid-air when it started losing altitude until eventually crashed - not too bad, the engines were working so it had a rather hard landing. 

after this crash, it never flew right - on atti and gps mode it doesn't hover anymore - if drifts and sometimes loses altitude.

i'll leave this video here - keep in mind that all I did was to push the throttle up and, of course, minimise damage. didn't work, of course, i have a broken engine mount. 

as a fact - not that fun - it started having issues when i set up the fpv system - a simple camera and a eachine transmitter. i don't think that naza interferes with the fpv system, it's just a coincidence. 

but again, it used to fly well. could it be a problem on the electric side - i had an interrupted engine cable and I re-linked it (soldering). 

this is the video of the crashes I had today.

any ideas? 

p.s: the drone is a quanum venture arf version. 

naza m lite upgraded to v2. but for now i'm only interested in getting it to fly with the remote. for the moment, it's my only goal. 

naza software is for tweaking its options, ground control is also good for mission planner. that's what i know, as i don't use such tools

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