I've got the FlySky i6 with the 6 channel receiver.  Not received the 10 channel receiver yet but would like to change the pixhawk flight modes with what I've got so far.

I can see in the APM Radio Calibration that channels 5 (1000,2000) and channel 6 (1000,1500,2000) work on SWA and SWC over PPM.

The Flight Modes seem to use PWM and don't react to channel 5 or 6 PPM.  

I can't find any configuration to setup the flight mode channels.  Am I missing something or coming from the wrong direction?

Any help would be very appreciated.

Thanks, Tim

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I've managed to set up flight modes in QGroundControl but not APM Planner.  The flight modes are different in QGC and there does not seem to be a page to explain the differences.  I'd still like to use APM Planner because of the better documentation.

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