Hello All, how are you?

I need to flight flat at 60 meters in mountain area, and comparing google altitude with reality, google Z data isn't good to trust on it.

Can anybody tell me about where can i get good Z (altitude) data to use in mission, or tell me about good practices on how to plan mission and flight irregular terrain? (mountains).

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Hi Cristian,
you can try to find precise elevation data for some areas in Internet, for example ArcticDEM for northern areas. Or if your project is commercial you can buy commercial data like Airbus WorldDEM.
UgCS (starting from UgCS Pro) allows to load DEM data and use them for mission planning.
If you use pixhawk-based vehicle you can equip it by laser altimeter. ArduCopter supports terrain following mode.

I use laser altimeter to fly over slopes, here my first experiences:http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/sf-11-laser-altimeter-an-useful... 

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