OK so here is the problem and how it developed.When the apm is on the ground, i arm it while in stabilize and take off, during the flight i climb vertically then drop, just as it is falling i throttle up and it just falls like a rock, on the ground the power is completely shut off but still connected to the board, the only way to reset is to disconnect power then reconnect.I thought this was brown out until i found that if i go into auto mode and set it to take off, the motors would throttle up for half a second then the power cuts again and its dead until i disconnect and reconnect.I am doubtful this is a brown out as all 4 esc's connected to the board have a built in Ubec powering it so no lack of power.I then troubleshooted and found this only happened after i had installed the minimOSDWhen i disconnected the minimOSD, it no longer misbehaved.Now the OSD is only being powered on one side, i do not have the camera connected so no power on both sides, i do not know if this is the cause but i cannot check for the moment due to damaged frame and flat battery.I also have a 3dr telemetry link so the minimOSD is in parrallel, it works fine with just the telemetry.What can i do people????

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  • Simply put you are trying to pull to much power through the APM board, and yes what you are seeing is a brown-out.

    You have loads of power on tap from the esc's put only so much can be carried through the board. The simplest thing you can do is solder a BEC across you power wires somewhere and use that to power your peripherals, not the APM rails.

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