I've been searching for a simulator that will work on os x or windows via vmware fusion. I've got all my FPV equipment ready and working but am hesitant to take it up without at least getting a feel for it with a simulator.


I've heard that you can do something via xbee (which I have) and the ground station software. What is the best option for this? I would like to use my jrx9503 transmitter and have the trainer port usb cable or I could go the xbee route?

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Any suggestions??
X-Plane and FlightGear both work well, I don't know if it will work in vmware fusion, You should test it and find out, There may be someone else doing this but I doubt it.

Thanks Mark. So I just use my JR with it's USB cable and it will recognize it? FlightGear has an OS X version so I can avoid fusion.



I use a JR XP7202 radio to send RC rf  to receiver connected to APM with Oil_Pan running HIL mode on USB port 0 and have TM port 3 for feedback from X Plane /Flight Gear. I don't have it fully functional yet,  my HP-G60 laptops firewall kills X-plane coming from MacBook Pro. ArduPilotSim  can not see SIM data from X Plane ...I have not been able to turn it off.. But I can send RC commands to X Plane /FG and fly all around.

Here are my current APM_1_R2 and LIbraries development version for bench testing only.

If you use a uBlox it needs to be set up with NAV-DOP message enabled. (GPS is not used for HIL mode)

OSD is integrated also.



How do I put it in HIL mode?


So I can just connect the oilpan to my mac via usb and in flight gear it will see the usb connection or do I need to use your modified libraries?


I don't have GPS hooked up yet. I'm planing to get Remzibi's OSD which I think comes with GPS.

Uncomment include    #include "APM_config_xplane.h"

and comment out //#include "APM_config.h"

In ArduPilotMega_1_R2


You will need Arduino 22, I also use X-Code to edit files.

Please setup HIL modes using APM Wiki Manual


// User Configuration with options 

// only select one 
//#include "APM_config_mavlink_hil.h"

//#include "APM_config_xplane.h"

#include "APM_config.h"

//#include "knob_hill_1.h" // not loaded

//#include "knob_hill_2.h" // use for bench test only!

//#include "knob_hill_3.h" // not loaded

// Option; Please use UBLOX+ with DGSP_QUALITY message

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