Hello everyone,

So I have a question about flight termination/failsafe modes, what setup is everyone using?
I am looking for a failsafe device that will trigger a parachute in the event of signal loss and cut power to the motor (electric) or possibly the entire radio system together, or that can be manually triggered remotely in the event of a malfunction as what is required for the "Out Back Challenge" competition.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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ArduPilot's failsafe detection is described here.
Well that's all fine and dandy if a person is using that system mentioned, in witch case I'm not, what I'm looking for is basically an emergency button to press in case the aircraft goes out of control and it would be a "stand alone" system.
As you probably know Millswood Engineering make a specialized device for that.
yeah I've looked at that one before but I was kinda wanting a DIY project too and something a little smaller.

Thanks for your input though Chris, much appreciated.
Well, you can use an ArduPilot just as a failsafe. At $25 it's hard to beat the price and it's very small, open source and flexibile.
MillswoodEngineering has something developed SPECIFICALLY for OUTBACK challenge.
But the recent rules are ridiculous, requiring the failsafe in fact to be able to define concave polygon flying zone and trigger when out of the flying zone.
Also a dangerous looping can occur when using out-of-vlos 'telemetry revival' waypoint as specified by the new rules.

The New Rules do more harm than good when obeyed strictly.
I agree. The new rules are completely over the top, and require stupid stuff like a stunt pilot certification and ban some common wireless frequencies. We were thinking about participating in the future, but not any more. There are better competitions now that don't have as much bureaucracy (or distance to travel).

See this thread for more.
The wireless frequency is an Australian Law thing. They aren't banning them, simply saying you can't do anything illegal.
And the saddest thing is that the nice guys at Millswood Engineering developed a special failsafe/flight termination board for the competition, and then then new rules made it useless because it doesn't detect an exit of the flying zone. They must be fuming.
This always ends like this when ppl that never did XYZ tell you how to do XYZ safely.
These guy must be following the lead of FAA
That's OK. But the prize should be 5x higher.

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