I hope someone can help me out here - I have a minimOSD in my FPV system, all working fine (OSD Showing up on FPV feed, etc). I swapped my FPV camera for a Flir Pathfindir, connected in exactly the same way (black -12, Red +12, and Yellow Signal) - I used servo wires as recomended to it easy to swap between the to systems. The OSD does not show up in the video stream with the Flir Connected. When I disconnect the Flir, the OSD info comes up with a black background. When I reconnect the FPV camera, all is ok again (video and OSD). I connect the Flir, and no OSD (I do get the video).

I tried:

Resetting the OSD with Flir Connected

Changed OSD Video type from NTSC to PAL.

Changed PAL video type to NTSC

I really hope I can get the Flir working with the OSD, my feeling is that the lower resolution could be the culprit, but I have no idea if this can be changed to accomodate the Flir?

The concerning thing is that there are no Flir FPV videos on the Net with OSD... has this not been done yet?

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Guys,

The problem was a similar one to the GoPro OSD thread here - and resolved in the same way



I'm looking at a FLIR PathfindIR, does it work ok for flying being that it is so big?

What wires did you use, I read the thread but was wondering if it was actually wired the same as the GoPro they described.  Mine will connect to an RVOSD but I'm sure they are similar.

The Flir is wired the same as GoPro when it comes to Signal and Ground, but for the Flir I just added 12V from the Boscam video transmitter - if you want I can draw up a diagram and post.

Weight vs Cost - yes, the PathFinder is heavier than a GoPro - but not as heavy as an SLR so the Hexa still flies ok. I got mine off a totaled BMW 750i for around $1000 - so they are out there - just be sure to get the 30hz one and not the 8hz one I got.

Here's a link to a quick test I did with OSD - https://vimeo.com/64880153

Thanks a diagram would be awesome.

I have been on the fence for buying due to the special cable requirements for the PathfindIR.

This one has the non standard S-Video that only plugs into the Safety Vision Monitor and the cables are over $200.  I have found the pinout at http://pinouts.ru/CarElectronics/pathfindir_module_pinout.shtml

Did you just use 1-6-7-12?

For some reason I can only attach files.

Here is a picture of my OSD / Video cabling (OSD Cabling) - quite a mess, but it should give you an idea. I stripped it out to neaten it up before I move it to my new hexa.

The diagram (OSD Layout) shows how I wired this puppy up - I used a Servo Extension cable, this way I can just unplug the GoPro and plug in the Flir.

I have the 334-0008-00PS model Flir, which is also full featured. I don't know which connections it came with as it was cut from a car, but it also plugged into the Safety Vision Monitor to access advanced functions (zoom, colour palettes, etc). So, I'd guess that it would probably be wired the same. I used pins 1-7-12

(Flir) shows which wires I connected up.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for drawing that up Wesley!!

Looks good, I think I can get one to work now.

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