Hey everyone, new to the forum. I am a ME/AE at the University of Florida doing a project on building a UAV for wildfire surveillance.

We need an infrared camera and the only options that I have found so far is the Flir Tau series. The max resolution for the Flir Tau is 320x240. We are looking for a camera with a resolution of 640x480. The only camera from Flir is the Photon 640, which is about 2.5 times the weight, and 8x the volume.

I was wondering if anyone knows of any other IR cameras with similar weight and volume similar to the Flir Tau? (~100 grams, 1.2"x1.2"x1.4")

Thanks all. Great forum BTW, very helpful for my project.

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Hi Beau,
FLIR being trademark + pretty expensive :), I assume you want thermal imaging and IR sensitive cam.
This is what I found after few sec of googleing which you might have seen already , but just incase you missed
1. http://www.maxmax.com/aXRayIRCameras.htm
2. http://www.imaging1.com/razir.html < I don't know if you might find the said spec for that size but this one looks like nearest suitable candidate , weight is though 250 gm+ .
I am sure there are others in forum who will shed more light on the subject , Pls keep us informed of your progress & good luck for your project.

Try Thermoteknix They are a UK firm but I think there US sales is Florida based.

I have taken a look at the Flir Photon and you can get really good deals on demo units directly from Indigo if they have available. They will also let you have a test unit if you fill out their credit checks etc and are very helpful.

Good luck

There you go Beau, thanks to Condor 's link to Thermoteknix for spec of Miricle model .
@ Condor , any idea on how much does the Miricle model cost( ball park fig will do). thanks

Sorry no idea on the Miricle. But I did find a business card:

Richard A Ludwig (Sales Manager)
email: d.ludwif at thermoteknix.com

Indigo (Flir)
John Keane
OEM Sales - Eastern US / Canada
email: john.keane at flir.com

Do not know how current that information is.

Good luck.

@ nope, I just wanted to know the costing factor.
You can probably call them at the following address to find out.

United Kingdom Sales Office
UK Head Office
2 Pembroke Avenue
CB25 9QR
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 1223 204 000
Fax: +44 (0) 1223 204 010

Western USA Sales Office
14457 NE 16th Place
Washington 98007

Tel: +1 425 746 6080
Fax: +1 425 746 4536
Typo @ nope > @ Condor , :)
Sounds nice project. I was not knowing that Sony SLR has IR capabilities.

I too have smiler project in my mind. I have Sony Digital SLR camera, I can connect to computer and download all pictures taken. when I connect to computer it is shown as flash drive not as actual camera, what I mean is it is not able to recognize all the features of camera. So I am not able to use to for my image processing project. I wonder if some on point me to any drivers or s/w, It would be very help full, so that I can utilizes all the features of my Sony Alpha 300 SLR camera for Image Processing Project. I program in C# though FYI.

One more Quick Q, Is it possible to use it zooming features programmatically ? I hope there is way around.

Thanks In Advance.

A lot of digital cameras can be converted to NIR (Near Infrared) these are not Thermal (Radiometric) and do not "see" heat. I would definitely not try this on a Sony Alpha (much to nice to try an remove the hot filter).

Your Sony should have a remote shutter release. The easiest way to trigger the camera by remote is to purchase a compatible wired remote then hack it with a rc switch. The camera has a manual zoom so the only way to drive this is with a servo and a belt. Your biggest problem with the Alpha is the lack of analog video output thus you need to attach a separate camera to see what the camera is pointed at.

Good luck
Hi Beau,

I don't know what your schedule is like, but I would stay tuned to FLIR over the next couple months if you have the time. Take a look at number 32 on the FAQ ;)...


Someday I will be at the point of choosing camera options, but today it is still selecting an airframe!

here is a link I found on Google.

If you're looking to detect Infrared radiation with wavelengths between 8-13 μm, you want a microbolometer. Don't let others confuse you with the claims that a standard CCD or CMOS array can be converted (by removing the IR filter) into acting like one... because it can't. The best standard CCD arrays can do is NIR (near infrared), which is a whole other wavelength. For true thermal imaging, you'll want a FLIR or equivalent (with a microbolometer sensor element). I'm looking at the PathFindIR (for the same application as you), but that's 320x240.
I think you understand how much this will cost you right?

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