Fly Arducopter without a Radio


How are you??

Maybe this question sound strange, but I need to fly my quadcopter from the computer, not using the TX (Turnigy 9x in my case) or something like the PCTx (that thing dont work very well, very slow).

I have read something about the mavlink protocol and it appears is possible to send commands with it, that will be the solution, because I just plug the 3DR usb radio to my computer and fly it with the telemetry link, has anyone done that??

Is there some other technique or hardware available there?? has anyone try that??


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  • You should be able to control it via mavlink/qgcs/mp as long as it has an active receiver and is armed.
    I use qgcs but if I am not mistaken missionplanner has virtual joysticks or some versions do. Atleast the android one does.

    Sorry I dont have any detail, you will likely have to lookup the mavlink protocol commands/params and go from there.
  • The is a post on diydrones/ YouTube I saw about doing this. Though you are limited to mission planning commands and possibly can use a pc game controller.
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